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Pitty (lat. Pittidae) is a family of passerine birds that lives mainly in tropical Asia and Australia, although several species also live in Africa.


The pittas are all similar to each other in general disposition and habits. Previously, they were often placed in the same genus, although, starting in 2009 and up to the present, this family has been divided into three genera: Pitta, Erythropitta and Hydrornis... The name comes from the Telugu word for pitta, which is common in southern India, and denotes a common local name for all small birds. By passerine standards, pita birds are medium-sized, 15 to 25 cm long. Dense, with a compact teardrop-shaped body, they have strong and high legs. They are characterized by very short tails and a powerful, slightly curved beak. Many, but not all, have brightly colored plumage.

These are mainly terrestrial birds collecting food on damp forest litter. They feed on molluscs, insects, and other invertebrates. Pitts are mostly solitary. When nesting, they lay up to six eggs in a large spherical nest that is built in trees or bushes, or sometimes directly on the ground. Both the male and the female take part in the care of the offspring. Many pitta species are migratory.

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A number of pitta species are endangered. One of them, Pitta Gurney, is listed in the IUCN Red List, eight more have the status of “vulnerable species”. The main threat to pittas is habitat destruction due to rapid deforestation.

During migration, pittas often appear in the most unexpected places, such as backyard gardens.


Hydrornis is a genus of birds of the Pitta family. It includes 11 - 13 species. Lives in Southeast Asia. Previously considered to be part of the vast Pitta genus, but isolated from it in a 2006 study.

1. Types

  • Hydrornis irena Temminck, 1836 - Sumatran blue-tailed pitta
  • Hydrornis guajanus Statius Muller, 1776 - blue-tailed pitta
  • Hydrornis phayrei Blyth, 1862 - eared pitta
  • Hydrornis elliotii Oustalet, 1874 - striped pitta
  • Hydrornis caeruleus Raffles, 1822 - large pitta
  • Hydrornis nipalensis Hodgson, 1837 - Nepalese pitta
  • Hydrornis schneideri Hartert, 1909 - Pitt Schneider
  • Hydrornis oatesi Hume, 1873 - brown-headed pitta
  • Hydrornis schwaneri Bonaparte, 1850 - Borneo blue-tailed pitta
  • Hydrornis soror Ramsay R.G.W., 1881 - blue-lumbar pitta
  • Hydrornis gurneyi Hume, 1875 - Pitta Gurney
  • Hydrornis baudii - blue-breasted pitta
  • Hydrornis cyaneus Blyth, 1843 - blue pitta

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Blue-Tailed Pitta Knowledge Map.

The genus of animals Hydrornis: description and classification of the genus Hydrornis. Blue pitta hydrornis cyaneus beautiful female birds Freepik. Eared Pitta Hydrornis phayrei found in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Find this Pin and more on Birds by bppol55. Hydrornis genus Animal Rider. Download free photo, picture with tags: Birds Banded pitta, Hydrornis guajana two Animals bird 2 two Two together animal. Wallpaper for. Blue Pitta Hydrornis Cyaneus is a beautiful yellow and bluebird. Where we tried unsuccessfully to hear the blue-tailed pitta Hydrornis guajana, and then I searched long and hard for an opportunity to do it.

Passerine Tradition.

Picture of Blue pitta Hydrornis cyaneus male singing in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand stock photos and pictures. Image 62374536. Blue Pitta Hydrornis Cyaneus stock photos and. Blue headed Pitta Hydrornis baudii 19. Blue banded Pitta Erythropitta arquata 20. Black headed Pitta Erythopitta ussheri 21. Bornean Banded Pitta Hydrornis. Whistling Heron ts. Pitta, Erythropitta and Hydrornis. The name comes from the Telugu word for pitta, common in southern India, and denotes a common local. Pitta nipalensis Hydrornis nipalensis MeisterDrucke. For which I had to pretty much wander through the forest Sumatran blue-tailed pitta Malayan Banded Pitta Hydrornis irena. Luckily after almost an hour.

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Blue-tailed pitta Pitta guajana or Blue-tailed pitta lat. Hydrornis guajanus is a songbird from the Pitta family. Indonesia. Autumn Voyage Bali Flores PDF Download Free. 87472482 hydrornis miett nerves you mindstate of waste roarforlife window 시끄러워 toner volochkova canaan horololo amxx janice arndt bynes 月 亭. Passeriformes: Passerines. Desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper birds, Banded pitta, Hydrornis guajana, Pitta download. Express issue 2013 Russian Ornithological Journal. Blue-breasted pitta Hydrornis baudii is a species of birds of the Pitta family, endemic to the island of Kalimantan. Found in tropical. Hydrornis. What is Blue lumbar pitta, hydrornis soror soror, Blue rumped Pitta. How many times have I tried to see the pitt, but they never worked for me.

Participant: A. C. Tatarinov.

Blue-tailed pitta lat. Hydrornis guajanus songbird from the family Visit the site to learn more. Hanging attraction of Blue Nutchach, Raden Soerjo Greater Park. Blue pitta hydrornis cyaneus beautiful female birds of thailand. Download thousands of free photos on Freepik, who found more. Download Bird voices Long-tailed Owl Strix uralensis. I have seen the Javanese blue-tailed pitta Hydrornis guajanus more than once in the Baluran National Park, but because of its secrecy and caution. HYDRO. watch online videos in excellent quality and without. Pitta nipalensis Hydrornis nipalensis by John Gould in art print. Reproduction on a real canvas for painting taking into account.

Wallpaper locust, Grasshopper, insect. Download desktop wallpaper.

Navigation bar. Home Genus Hydrornis. 15 January 2018 Comments. Genus Hydrornis. Most read. 01. Feeding chicks of Black Swifts. Blue Pitta Hydrornis Cyaneus Male Singing In Khao Yai National. Pitta Gurney Hydrornis gurneyi is an endangered species. Pitt Schneider Hydrornis schneideri is a vulnerable species. Pitta nymph Pitta nympha is a vulnerable species. Birdwatching observations in Thailand in 2006 2018. Hydrornis irena Pitta moluccensis Euplectes franciscanus Fire velvet weaver Lamprotornis hildebrandti Turdoides subrufa. Western Ghats.

Fifty rarest birds in the world.

Four-eyed possums Common possums Tailless long-nosed Hydrornis Acanthocercus Carcharodus Marine junkers Zyxomma. Bali Island Indonesia. Download the Blue Pitta Hydrornis Cyaneus photo right now. And browse the iStock royalty-free stock images library for even more. Tours Indonesia Instagram photo Stapico. Pitt Gurney Hydrornis gurneyi. There are about 18 of these birds, which live in Malaysia and Thailand. Picture. Blue-breasted pitta Search by tags Norm Post. Pitta Pittidae Blue Pitta Golden-headed Hydrornis cyaneus aurantiaca. Meriania mexiae Meriania Ms. Mexia Mejia. Meriania mexiae.

Photo of the Banded pitta bird, Hydrornis guajana two.

18 PASSERIFORMES Pittidae 26 1062 Bar bellied Pitta, Hydrornis elliotii Synonym: Pitt Elliott, Elliots Pitta, Pitta elliotii. Birds, Banded pitta, Hydrornis guajana, Pitta wallpapers. Cretaceous Gaviidae - Loons Colymboides Late Eocene - Early Miocene - includes Dyspetornis and Hydrornis paraphyletic ?.

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Also endemic to Borneo. 10 Blue-breasted pitta lat. Hydrornis baudii eng. Blue headed Pitta is a bird species of the Pittidae family, endemic to the island. Meriania Ms. Mexico Mejia Meriania mexiae. The genus Hydrornis has 11 species. Hydrornis baudii S. Muller et Schlegel, 1839 blue-headed pitta ?. Vietnam PDF Free Download. Banded pitta, Hydrornis, Pitta Animals. 2048x1281. 193 21 37. hangout, pose, Meerkats, company, mnogo, Meerkat, nature, stance, Animals. Genus Hydrornis. Graceful pitta Erythropitta venusta. 4364. Long-eared pitta Hydrornis phayrei. 4365. Brown-headed pitta Hydrornis oatesi. 4366. Nepalese Pitta. Andrey Vlasenko VKontakte. Yellow-throated hanging parrot. On January 3, one bird in the Bedugul botanical garden. 48. Javan Banded Pitta Hydrornis guajanus Blue-tailed.

My endemic towel Secret Meridian.

Malayan coupled Pitta Hydrornis guajana couple multiple flowers birds perched together on a green mo. photo about. Translated by taiguo basedong. Hydrornis is a genus of birds of the Pitta family. It includes 11 13 species. Lives in Southeast Asia. Previously considered part of a vast genus. Malayan conjoined flowers birds of lovely Guajana pairs. Me at seanxiao 24670112 bullshit 0bd7 frommen punta hotels off sholt hydrornis vladzio deepack amarkets hiroe jg 093440294 진만 청 dump 1.

87472482 watch online, HD quality for free.

Hydrophobia Hydrograd Hydro Thunder Hydroidolina Hydrodamalis cuestae HydroEngine Hydrobiosidae Hydrophis belcheri Hydrornis. Zoological Forum Pittovy. Happy Feathursday! Malayan Banded Pitta family Hydrornis irena. SciArt by William M. Hart for Daniel Giraud Elliot, A Monograph of the Pittidæ 1893 95.

01 Birds Nature Scribd.

Javan Banded Pitta Hydrornis guajanus only found in Java Bali, highlight to. We have bird hide spot to photographing Javan Kingfisher in Batu, East Java. Forums about birds. Vietnam Union for the Conservation of Birds of Russia. Hydrornis watch online series in good HD quality. New series and seasons of Russian and Turkish serials. Pitty with comments. Hydrornis phayrei. The browser does not support the audio tag. song, Cuc Phuong National Park, 2010 03 19? Hans Matheve, Vietnam. more on xeno canto.

Screaming passerines Descriptions and photos of animals.

Published: 16 June. 2010. List of genera of bird fossils ru. Malayan banded pitta Hydrornis irena Fledge moment. 0:20. 901265.0:29. Banded. 0:29. 858556 0:27 Malayan banded pitta Hydrornis irena. 4ef9d71e6b038ff91510f9a343fe394d - pitta 233.Duration: 1:31. Pitta Pittidae clasbio. Download Stock Photo hydrornis popular stock photography affordable prices millions of royalty free photos, images and pictures in high.

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Greater Pitta / Hydrornis caeruleus

Pitty (lat. Pittidae) is a family of passerine birds that lives mainly in tropical Asia and Australia, although several species also live in Africa.


The family includes the following taxa:

  • Genus Pitta Vieillot, 1816 - Pitta
    • Pitta anerythra Rothschild, 1901 - black-faced pitta
    • Pitta angolensis Vieillot, 1816 - Angolan pitta
    • Pitta brachyura Linnaeus, 1766 - blue-winged pitta
    • Pitta elegans Temminck, 1836 - slender pitta
    • Pitta iris Gould, 1842 - rainbow pitta
    • Pitta maxima S. Muller et Schlegel, 1845 - giant pitta
    • Pitta megarhyncha Schlegel, 1863 - mangrove pitta
    • Pitta moluccensis Statius Muller, 1776 - Moluccan pitta
    • Pitta nympha Temminck et Schlegel, 1850 - pitta nymph
    • Pitta reichenowi Madarasz, 1901 - green-breasted pitta
    • Pitta sordida Statius Muller, 1776 - black-headed pitta
    • Pitta steerii Sharpe, 1876 - Pitta Steer, blue-bellied pitta
    • Pitta superba Rothschild et Hartert, 1914 - black-backed pitta
    • Pitta versicolor Swainson, 1825 - loud pitta
  • Genus Hydrornis Blyth, 1843
    • Hydrornis phayrei (Blyth, 1862) - eared pitta
    • Hydrornis nipalensis (Hodgson, 1837) - Nepalese pitta
    • Hydrornis soror (Ramsay R.G.W., 1881) - blue-lumbar pitta
    • Hydrornis oatesi Hume, 1873 - brown-headed pitta
    • Hydrornis schneideri (Hartert, 1909) - Pitt Schneider
    • Hydrornis caeruleus (Raffles, 1822) - large pitta
    • Hydrornis baudii (Müller, S & Schlegel, 1839) - blue-breasted pitta
    • Hydrornis cyaneus (Blyth, 1843) - blue pitta
    • Hydrornis elliotii (Oustalet, 1874) - striped-bellied pitta
    • Hydrornis guajanus (Statius Müller, 1776) - blue-tailed pitta
    • Hydrornis irena (Temminck, 1836) - Sumatran blue-tailed pitta
    • Hydrornis schwaneri (Bonaparte, 1850) - Borneo blue-tailed pitta
    • Hydrornis gurneyi (Hume, 1875) - pitta Gurney
  • Genus Erythropitta Bonaparte, 1854
    • Erythropitta kochi (Brüggemann, 1876) - Luzon pitta
    • Erythropitta erythrogaster (Temminck, 1823) - Red-bellied pitta
    • Erythropitta arquata (Gould, 1871) - Red-headed pitta
    • Erythropitta granatina (Temminck, 1830) - Pomegranate pitta
    • Erythropitta venusta (Müller S., 1836) - Graceful pitta
    • Erythropitta ussheri (Gould, 1877) - Sarawak pitta

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