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Big pipit - a songbird from the wagtail family


Family Wagtail - Motacillidae - small (length 120-230 mm, weight 20-30 g), slender birds with a small head.

Wagtails are insectivorous migratory birds with rather long legs and tail, thin subulate beak. They run fast. The habit of wagging the tail all the time is characteristic. Diving flight.

They belong to the toothed-billed songbirds, widespread in all zoogeographic regions - they are absent only on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Birds from the genus of starling horses live exclusively in Africa. The family includes about 60 (50-53) bird species, divided into 5-6 (6-7) genera. Three genera are widespread on the territory of the Russian Federation, including about 30 species: Skates - Anthus, Wagtails - Motacilla, Wood wagtails - Dendronanthus. The most famous are the white and yellow wagtails.

Some species, such as red-throated (Anthus cervinus) or spotted (Anthus hodgsoni) pipits, nest far to the north in the arctic tundra, while the great pipit (Anthus antarcticus) lives in the subantarctic on about. South Georgia.

Forest pipit (Anthus trivialis) nests in the temperate zone of Eurasia, including Russia. Forest pipit (Anthus trivialis) nests in the temperate zone of Eurasia, including Russia.

Others, such as the piebald wagtail (Motacilla aguimp) or the Sokok pipit (Anthus sokokensis), are found exclusively in central Africa. The range of individual species can cover vast areas - for example, the area of ​​distribution of the yellow wagtail is about 10 million square kilometers - it covers almost all of Eurasia and part of the African continent. On the other hand, the Japanese wagtail (Motacilla grandis) is found only in Japan, while the Madagascar wagtail (Motacilla flaviventris) is endemic to Fr. Madagascar. Starling horses are found exclusively in the African savannas south of the Sahara.

Most wagtail species are associated in one way or another with open spaces with low vegetation. Among the exceptions is the arboreal wagtail (Dendronanthus indicus), which prefers to nest in oak and mixed deciduous forests of the Far East, the southeastern provinces of China, Hindustan and the Sunda Islands. The long-tailed wagtail (Motacilla clara) settles along the shores of rough forest streams in Africa. Forest (Anthus trivialis), Siberian (Anthus gustavi) and spotted (Anthus hodgsoni) pipits are associated with woodlands. Wagtails are found both at sea level and high in the mountains - for example, the pink pipit (Anthus roseatus) lives in the alpine belt of the Himalayan mountains at an altitude of 3050 - 5300 m above sea level.

Species inhabiting temperate latitudes are usually migratory. Most of the species nesting in the tropical zone are sedentary, but some of them still migrate (such as the Peruvian species Anthus correndera) or migrate for short distances within the range.

During incubation and brood of chicks, wagtails strictly adhere to their territory, and their males often behave quite aggressively towards other birds of the same or another species. The characteristic behavior that is inherent in the family as a whole is described by the famous German naturalist of the 19th century Alfred Brehm in his encyclopedia "The Life of Animals" using the example of a yellow wagtail: them. As soon as the bird flew out of the sedge, several wagtails frenziedly attacked it, pecked at it and did not allow it to land nearby. " The aggressive behavior of wagtails in relation to their own reflection in the mirror is also indicated by Grzimek's encyclopedia, and this behavior can continue for a long time.

The nest is most often built right on the ground in the middle of dense vegetation, but in some species it can also be located in a hole in the wall of the house, under a roof, on a tree, in a crevice among stones or on the river bank. As a rule, the nest is quite simple in architecture and is a cup-shaped formation of grassy stems, mammalian hair and, less often, feathers. Most often, the female is engaged in the construction, sometimes the male helps to build it. The number of eggs in a clutch (as well as the number of clutches themselves) varies significantly between species, but in general it ranges from one to nine eggs. The incubation period is 11-16 days, in most cases one female incubates. Chicks become winged in 10-17 days and often leave the nest even before they have learned to fly.

In the overwhelming majority, the diet of wagtails consists of all kinds of insects and their larvae, and their diversity is limited only by the availability in this region. In addition, to a lesser extent, birds eat arachnids, crustaceans (isopods (Isopoda), amphipods (Amphipoda), crabs) and other invertebrates.

Big horse

The big horse is a songbird from the wagtail family. Endemic to South Georgia Island, the only songbird in the Subantarctic.

It usually arranges a nest of straws in the grass, where it lays four eggs a year. It feeds on insects and arachnids.

The species was endangered due to gray rats introduced to the island, as well as anthropogenic factors.

Birds can also be found on the island of Praion.

  • The Little Humpbacked Horse is a Russian literary tale in verse written by Peter Ershov in the 1830s. The main characters are the peasant son Ivanushka - the fool
  • The Little Horse - The Humpbacked, or Tsar - Maiden - ballet based on the fairy tale of the same name by Pyotr Ershov in 4 acts and 9 scenes. Composer - Caesar Puni, libretto and choreographer
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  • The Little Humpbacked Horse is a Soviet full-length hand-drawn cartoon film created at the Soyuzmultfilm studio by director Ivan Ivanov - Vano
  • Petersburg Bolshoi Theater, 1864 The Little Humpbacked Horse - ballet by Rodion Shchedrin based on the script by Vasily Vainonen and Pavel Malyarevsky Bolshoi Theater, 1960
  • Meanings in Wiktionary Quotes in Wikiquote Horse - diminutive - petting of horse. It can mean: The little horse is the prince, the stupid is an element of the roof structure
  • Horse of Godlevsky or Trans-Baikal horse lat. Anthus godlewskii is a bird from the wagtail family. The specific name is given in honor of the Polish zoologist
  • nest in the arctic tundra of Europe, Asia and North America, and the great pipit lives in the subantarctic on about. South Georgia. There are many types of skates
  • Meadow horse lat. Anthus pratensis is a bird species from the wagtail family. The meadow pipit is slightly smaller than almost 15 cm of the similar forest pipit
  • East Asia, and winters in southern Asia. The steppe pipit is the largest ridge found in Central Europe.It reaches a length of 17 to 20 cm.
  • Menzbier's horse lat. Anthus menzbieri is a bird from the wagtail family. It was originally described by L.M.Shulpin as a subspecies of the Siberian pipit Anthus
  • Spotted ridge lat. Anthus hodgsoni is a bird species from the wagtail family. In appearance and lifestyle, it is similar to a forest horse. Body length 15 - 19 cm
  • Petersburg Bolshoi Theater, 1864 The Little Humpbacked Horse - Antun Dobronich's ballet 1925 The Little Humpbacked Horse - opera by Ilya Vilensky 1935 The Little Humpbacked Horse
  • anatomical, molecular and genetic studies have revealed that the seahorse is a highly modified fish - a needle. Fossilized remains of seahorses
  • Seahorse - rag-picker, or lat-rag picker. Phycodurus eques is a species of marine ray-finned fishes from the needle family, allocated to the monotypic genus Phycodurus
  • Hippocampus bargibanti is a pygmy pipit from the family Syngnathidae found in the central Indo-Pacific region. Its size does not exceed
  • Blagodnoe earlier Ukr Horse. Blagodatne, Crimean Tat. Blagodatnoye is a village in the Dzhankoy region of the Republic of Crimea, part of the Svetlovsky rural
  • 18 August 30, 1869, Tobolsk - Russian poet, prose writer, playwright, author of a fairy tale in verse The Little Humpbacked Horse, which has become a classic of Russian literature. Born into the family of an official
  • state theater of musical comedy. March 4, Bolshoi Theater - premiere of Rodion Shchedrin's ballet The Little Horse - The Humpbacked Scriptwriters Vasily Vainonen and playwright
  • Steppe pipit Anthus richardi Field pipit Anthus campestris Green pipit Anthus hodgsoni Forest pipit Anthus trivialis Siberian pipit Anthus
  • One of the most significant productions of Saint - Léon in St. Petersburg was the ballet The Little Humpbacked Horse based on the tale of the same name by P.P. Ershov to the music of Puni, with whom the choreographer
  • Field pipit - Anthus campestris Spotted pipit - Anthus hodgsoni Forest pipit - Anthus trivialis Siberian pipit - Anthus gustavi Meadow pipit - Anthus
  • Steppe pipit Anthus richardi Field pipit Anthus campestris Forest pipit Anthus trivialis Siberian pipit Anthus gustavi Meadow pipit Anthus
  • Until 1936, Soyuzmultfilm had not yet existed 1. The Missing Letter 1945 2. The Little Humpbacked Horse 1947 3. The Night Before Christmas 1951 4. The Scarlet Flower 1952
  • Koreshchenko choreography by M. Petipa The Little Horse - The Humpback of Ts. Puni choreography by A. Gorsky - I Studio of New Choreography, Bolshoi Theater 2006 - Don Quixote by L. Minkus
  • Ershova The Little Humpbacked Horse Pyotr Pavlovich Ershov, The Little Humpbacked Horse The Little Humpbacked Horse The Little Humpbacked Horse Soyuzmultfilm, 1947, director: Ivan Ivanov - Vano The Little Humpbacked Horse
  • Steppe pipit Anthus richardi Field pipit Anthus campestris Forest pipit Anthus trivialis Meadow pipit Anthus pratensis Red-throated pipit Anthus
  • Field pipit Anthus campestris Forest pipit Anthus trivialis Spotted pipit Anthus hodgsoni Meadow pipit Anthus pratensis Red-throated pipit Anthus
  • editions 1901, 1912, 1922 1901 - The Little Horse - The Humpbacked Edition of 1901, 1912, 1914 1904 - La Bayadere - Bolshoi Theater after Marius Petipa First performers:

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