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Genus Turachi - Francolinus


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Genus Turachi - Francolinus

Rod Turachi - Francolinus - is a group of rather large chicken birds, a characteristic feature of which are areas of bare skin on the head and neck.

It should be noted that out of 35-40 species of francolins of the world's fauna, only 4-5 species live in Asia (including our turach, which also nests in some Mediterranean countries), and the rest live in Africa.African francolins differ from Asian ones in the large development of spurs on the legs and weakly pronounced sexual dimorphism, therefore some experts, including G. Volters, distinguish them into a special genus Pternistis, and some into the genus Scleroptila.

Like our turachi, Francolins are strictly sedentary birds and keep in a limited area all year round. Perhaps this was the reason for the geographical isolation and diversity of their species: only in the fauna of Ethiopia there are 10 species of francolins. Due to the fact that in Africa, Francolins can nest (of course, with interruptions) throughout the year, the reproductive capabilities of these birds are quite high, but the limited ranges of some of them and the possible destruction of their habitats as a result of economic activities require special attention to some species.

* Francolinus ahantensis
* Francolinus francolinus
* Francolinus capensis
* Francolinus castaneicollis
* Francolinus pintadeanus
* Francolinus clappertoni
* Francolinus coqui
* Francolinus sephaena
* Francolinus ochropectus
* Francolinus bicalcaratus
* Francolinus erckelii
* Francolinus finschi
* Francolinus pondicerianus
* Francolinus rufopictus
* Francolinus griseostriatus
* Francolinus africanus
* Francolinus nobilis
* Francolinus hartlaubi
* Francolinus harwoodi
* Francolinus icterorhynchus
* Francolinus hildebrandti
* Francolinus jacksoni
* Francolinus lathami
* Francolinus psilolaemus
* Francolinus camerunensis
* Francolinus nahani
* Francolinus natalensis
* Francolinus levaillantoides
* Francolinus pictus
* Francolinus adspersus
* Francolinus afer
* Francolinus levaillantii
* Francolinus streptophorus
* Francolinus squamatus
* Francolinus schlegelii
* Francolinus shelleyi
* Francolinus swainsonii
* Francolinus gularis
* Francolinus swierstrai
* Francolinus albogularis
* Francolinus leucoscepus