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Dog (Salaria) segmentatus


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Detailed description

English name: Segmented Sailfin Blenny

Maximum length 11 cm

Also called the segmented dog. It got its name from the numerous segments scattered throughout the body, formed by light vertical stripes of yellowish shades. The base color of the segments can vary from dark green to brown with reddish tints. There may be red spots on the back and chest. A thick antennae protrude between the eyes.

Western regions of the Central Pacific Ocean. Indonesia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Palau in Micronesia.

They live in the reefs of shallow lagoons. More often found singly. They prefer to settle on rocks and coral substrates covered with algal fouling. Habitat depth up to 12 m. Herbivores. They feed on algae growing on the surface of dead corals.

Keeping in the aquarium

The complexity of the content is easy. Compatible with reef aquariums, but can sometimes nibble on stony corals and mantle mantles. The minimum recommended volume is 140 liters. A well-established marine aquarium with a large number of live rocks and algae, with a cover to prevent the fish from jumping out of the water, is desirable. At the bottom, a thick layer of coral substrate or coarse sand should be provided. The fish can help control the growth of filamentous algae in the aquarium by cleaning the walls of the aquarium, stones, and the surface of the coral substrate. Water temperature 23-27 degrees C, pH 8.1-8.4.

The best food for the Segmented Dog is the simplest algae that live in a well-established aquarium.The diet can also include spirulina algae and other food products intended for herbivorous fish. Feed twice a day.

Quite peaceful fish and gets along well with many aquatic organisms of the marine aquarium. May be aggressive towards fish of its own species. However, this intraspecific conflict can be avoided by increasing the volume of the aquarium or by simultaneously populating a male-female pair in it.